Happy Birthday to Philly Dawg mascot Merlin


A hearty bark-out to our handsome Philly Dawg mascot, Merlin, the miracle pup, who turns six years old today!


Merlin was found abandoned on the streets of North Philadelphia at the tender age of one.

The kind person who rescued Merlin took him to PAWS, where he was adopted by Tom Hickey Jr., with the help of the Pennsylvania SPCA and Main Line Animal Rescue.

Not too long after Merlin's rescue, Philly Dawg was poised to launch and we needed a mascot.

Merlin was kind enough to pose for Philadelphia Inquirer photographer Laurence Kesterson at the top of the famed "Rocky" steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Merlin spent the last few years in New York City where he rubbed paws with celebrity dogs like actor Hugh Jackman's French Bulldog and counted actors Keifer Sutherland, Peter Dinklage and Emmy Rossum among his neighborhood pals.

And Merlin's magic star turn continues.

Watch for Merlin in the upcoming book, New York Dog, where he modeled for world famous pet photographer Rachael Hale McKenna.

Now back home in Philly, Merlin in his spare time enjoys soccer, fine cuisine, family time and reading his favorite blog, Philly Dawg.

Happy Birthday Merlin!

Photo Courtesy of Rachael Hale McKenna