Feline Senate candidate targeted by 'ruff' attack ad

Perhaps you've heard of the newest candidate to throw his paw in the ring for a vacant U.S. Senate seat in Virginia?

Hank the Cat.

He's a Maine coon kitty from suburban Washington D.C. Hank's campaign bio describes him as the offspring of a "single mother living on the streets" who was taken into a shelter and living on death row when his current owners (now known as Hank's campaign manager and media advisor) took him in.

Hank's simple ideas: create jobs, promote spay/neuter programs, change your world one house and one block at a time, has won him accolades from as far away as Russia and Saudi Arabia.

But no successful campaign goes unanswered by the opposition.

In this case, Canines for a Feline Free Tomorrow Superpac has launched the first Hank attack ad, accusing him of being a carpetbagger (He's from Maine, isn't he?), not being truthful about his use of catnip and being a "fat cat."

Campaign manager/owner Matthew Leary told The Huffington Post that Hank will not respond to negative ads. But he did defend Hank's waistline: "He's no fat cat," says Leary.