Goose takes flight again after blow dart injury

(Photo/Schuylkill Center)

What a lucky duck goose.

This female Canada goose was found with a blow dart through its neck last week on the Manayunk Canal in Philadelphia. Today, after being treated for her wound, she was released back to the wild near where rescuers discovered her.

"She flew around a bit before settling in canal and swimming away," said Kim Kunda, a spokeswoman for the Schuylkill Center. "She was a happy goose. It was back to nature for her."

Rick Schubert, director of the Schuylkill Center's Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic (SWRC), said the goose was found April 13 but it took three days before rescuers "gained its trust enough to pick it up."

"It was very skittish, obviously aware that it was injured and different from the others," he said.

The clinic gave the goose its initial care, providing fluids and antibiotics, before taking it to veterinarian James Boutette of the Animal & Bird Health Care Center & Hospital.

Boutette, who donates his services and supplies to the SWRC, determined the dart had punctured the goose's trachea and removed it, Schubert said.

The goose then returned to the clinic for final care in preparation for today's release, which, the clinic notes, comes a day before Earth Day.