Globetrotting photographer's goal: Save an animal a day for 365 days


Twitter is quite an amazing thing.

Beyond the frivolous musings of the masses come many gems in 140-character packages.

Such as a link today to:the British photographer Martin Usborne,

Among the pet-related Tweeters that I follow is @beingstray who turned me on to a stunning gallery of images, "The Silence of Dogs in Cars."  by Usborne whose work has been featured in the National Portrait Gallery, London.

Paging through Usborne's car dogs portfolio (the book was released in the U.S. this spring) one imagines what dogs must think when they are trapped in and left behind.

But then, like getting lost in the stacks at the library, I stumbled on Usborne's latest project and it revealed a whole new world to explore.

Usborne is in the midst of trying to "Save an animal a day for 365 days."

The trip takes him around the world - rescuing - or at least calling attention to - all kinds of animals in trouble: stray dogs, shelter dogs and dogs bound for the dinner plate in Vietnam and the Philippines, goats, birds, elephants, fish and flies.

Usborne is a thoughtful and engaging writer. The blog is fabulous, a must read for anyone with global concerns about the treatment of animals.

Start reading here. Hurry, Martin is already on Day 328.

(Photo/Martin Usborne/Copies available of this and other works on his website)