Fur fighter tackles tough pet hair gently


Philly Dawg is deluged with requests to review pet products. Most of the time we feel woefully under educated to offer opinions on the products being peddled. Take cat or dog food or treats.

So, how did they taste? Well, they gobbled them up. End of review.

But when Scotch came calling with a new product to sweep up pet hair on hard surfaces we thought: Now here's one we can offer an expert opinion on.

Enter the Scotch Fur Fighter Pet Hair Sweeper, a lightweight mop with a superflexible, triangular head that works like a Swiffer. Unlike the Swiffer, the head is flexible plastic so it's easy to maneuver under cabinets or beds, baseboards or appliances. Attach the special sheet and voila, you can whisk your way across your bare floors and suck up a lot of stray hair.

See video here.

The promotional material says it picks up twice as much hair, dust and dirt as other sweepers but I did not do a head-to-head comparison so i can't say whether their pitch is accurate. One sheet did cover a lot of ground, sucking up a fairly thick layer of hair and dust across our wood floors. Living in a 170-year-old house with long and short-haired animals only increases the dust factor exponentially. I found this super lightweight tool handy and quick when the dust kitties get out of hand.

The only drawback to the product is the attachment design for the sheets. Unlike Swiffer the furfighter sheet attaches with raised nubs which prove not as secure as tucking a section of sheet into a small opening. Perhaps the designers will fine tune that issue. But overall, the benefits certainly outweigh that design flaw. 

A starter kit, with a suggested retail price of $9.99, includes two dry cloths. A 16-sheet refill box has a suggested retail price of $4.99. (There are coupons on the Scotch Fur Fighter web site.) I got mine at Target but Scotch tells me they are widely available.