FrostyBowlz keeps water cool on hot days

When the temperatures hover around the three-digit mark, pet owners' thoughts turn to water. Does my pet have enough of it? Is it cold enough? Is the bowl clean?

When I was growing up in Washington, D.C., we had one option to keep our family Border Collie Mindy's water cool on steamy summer days: ice cubes. My dad would make himself a drink and always toss a few cubes in Mindy's bowl.

It's no secret that staying hydrated in hot weather is important for humans and pets, but pets are picky too. Who wants to drink warm water that's been sitting around? But who has time to keep filling the bowl with ice cubes?

Now there's an answer: Frostybowlz.

I gave one a try recently in our un-airconditioned kitchen on one of the seemingly endless heat advisory days. It comes in three pieces: a stainless steel bowl and bottom and a pattened hard gel core that you stick in the freezer overnight. In the morning slip the core between the top and bottom piece and voila, cold water all day.

I tested it periodically through the day and indeed, it did feel crisp and cold, even 12 hours later. The product makers note you can also put canned food in the bowl to keep it chilled.

The bowl is dishwasher-safe and has a non-skid bottom and an ant trap.

The bowl is available (at $26.99) through the Frostybowlz website and it is carried by some retailers. (Check the website for a list.)

The only thing cat and dog owners have to remember is to stick the core in the freezer the night before, which I did not do last night. I wonder what will happen if I give it a quick freeze?