For Super Bowl Pet Fans, It's Steelers All the Way

"Come here little Roethlisberger?" "Sit Bradshaw, sit?"

In a Super Bowl contest of football fan-obsessions, it's the Pittsburgh Steelers over the Arizona Cardinals by a wide margin. It seems more Steelers dog owners are naming their pets after their beloved team.

That's according to a survey by a California pet insurance company that analyzed its database of more than 467,000 insured pets to find which Super Bowl XLIII competitor has inspired the most fans to name pets in honor of the team or its players.

The results? the Steelers trounced the Cardinals overall, 159-76. The breakdown of names includes seven categories, such as team, quarterback, receiver, and current and former stars. In the name game — "Cardinal" or "Cardinals" and "Steeler" or "Steelers" — Steelers pet owners won 19-1.

But the Cardinals captured the former stars category, with 35 pets named "Tillman" or "Marcel" versus the Steelers' 32 pets named "Bettis" or "Bradshaw."

Meanwhile, before the big game catch the little game, where rascally pups tackle each other in their quest for gridiron glory when Puppy Bowl V kicks off at 3 p.m. on Animal Planet.