Eggs signal hope for new Harrisburg falcon pair

We reported last month that a new female peregrine falcon had staked her claim to the successful aerie high atop the Rachel Carson Department of Environment Protection building in Harrisburg.

Now we hear a total of four eggs have appeared in the nest giving falcon watchers hope for a new generation of these once endangered birds to take flight from this successful nesting site.

Falconcam watchers will want to tune in to watch the nesting rituals. Beware it's addictive 

Set your calendar reminders now, experts expect the first egg to hatch in the third week of April.

In other falcon news, a Harrisburg-born female falcon has taken up residence in Ohio. The DEP reports:

The green-banded female from the 2009 nesting season has claimed her own nesting territory. This female was the largest of four females and one male banded on May 27th 2009. Her band codes were confirmed by falcon watchers on March 6th. She displaced an established female at a bridge scrape near Rocky River Metro Parks in Brookpark, Ohio, a few miles south of Cleveland. The site is close to Cleveland Hopkins Airport and the entranceway to NASA. No reports yet of eggs in the nest but there have been many sightings of breeding activity. The Harrisburg watch and rescue crews should be commended here because if not for their efforts in rescuing this female from the street several days after fledging, she may not have survived.