Dogs returned to Brown's breeder, investigation continues


Authorities have returned 19 dogs to a Wisconsin breeder who was caring for a pit bull and her puppies owned by Eagles running back Bryce Brown when his kennel was raided in May.

But the investigation into alleged dog fighting continues, a humane officer told the Eau Claire Leader Telegram.

The dogs belonging to Joseph Sudbrink were returned because they were no longer needed in the investigation, said an attorney working with the Eau Claire County Humane Association.

Brown's dogs were returned to him last month and he was not implicated in the investigation. He has since denied via Twitter any involvement in dog fighting.

A criminal complaint alleging cruelty was filed against Sudbrink June 28, after scarring consistent with fighting was reported on seven of the dogs in his care. Sudbrink on his website denies the allegations, saying he is a victim of an animal rights campaign to shut down breeders.

Sudbrink also was charged with running a dog breeding kennel without a license. Sudbrink, owner of Northland Pitts, signed a document in 2012 stating he was not involved in commercial dog breeding.

But a subsequent internet search by state officials revealed he had sold several dozen pit bulls and bull terriers on his website, the newspaper reported.