Dog honks horn for help in hot car

Max/AP Photo

We've all heard the tragic tales of dogs left in hot cars in the summer, but here's  an amazing one from a town near Allentown, Pa. with a happy ending.

A chocolate Labrador named Max, trapped in his owner's car on a 90-degree day last week, hit the horn for help. And it worked, well, eventually.

Veterinarian Nancy Soares said the 11-year-old dog was brought to her clinic last month after he had been in the car for about an hour.

The dog's owner, Donna Gardner of Macungie, had gone shopping, returned home, unloaded her packages, but forgot that Max was still in the car.

Suddenly she heard a car honking. Gardner checked outside, then went back in. Then she heard the horn honking again, went outside and saw Max sitting in the driver’s seat.

Soares said Gardner gave Max cold water and wet him down with towels before rushing him to the clinic, where he was determined to have heat exhaustion but suffered no lasting injuries.