Dept. of Ag rejects seven kennel applications

Citing repeated unsatisfactory inspections, the Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement has so far rejected seven applications for kennel license renewals in 2009. Six are kennels in Lancaster, Berks, Lycoming, Lehigh and Bradford counties and one is a pet store in Cumberland County.

They are: Paraglide Kennel in Bradford County, Petz Unlimited, a pet store in Cumberland County, Allegheny Ridge in Lycoming County, Burkholder Farm Kennel in Berks County and Country Lane in Lancaster County.

On Monday, a rejection notice was sent to Samuel E. King of Country Lane kennel, which has a history of poor inspections and citations, according to state officials. 

The most recent inspection on Feb. 5 noted holes so large in cages that the dogs sat with their heads and upper body outside of the pens, food contaminated with mouse dropping and dog feces and wire openings in the kennel floors so large that puppies' paws slipped through. In addition, several dogs had severe matting and overly long nails. A veterinary exam was ordered on a young Bulldog with nasal discharge and who was walking on its pasterns. King has received at least 18 citations in the past five years, including six last month, for failing to keep his kennel in a humane and sanitary condition.

There were 287 dogs reported housed in King's kennel during the inspection last month and 1,470 dogs were sold in the last year. 

These are in addition to Almost Heaven in Lehigh County and Scarlet-Maple Farm Kennel in Lancaster County whose licenses were refused last month. Of those kennels four (Almost Heaven, Scarlet-Maple, Petz Unlimited and Burkholder Farm kennel) have appealed their license revocations. Country Lane kennel has until March 19 to appeal.

Under terms of an agreement with the state, these kennels may continue to sell dogs but may not breed or purchase new dogs until a federal lawsuit over the new dog law is resolved. The agreement was reached last month by the Attorney General and a group of breeders that has filed a federal lawsuit alleging the new dog law  is unconstitutional.