Coyote? Not. Officials release purebred dog in wild


From the annals of stupid animal decisions comes this: Officials in Kentucky release a purebred dog into the wild thinking it was a coyote.

Laurie Goodlet, of Frankfort, reported her 11-year-old female dog, Copper, went missing from her yard on July 3. A police officer who picked up the dog told Goodlet that he'd brought her to the Frankfort Humane Society.

When Goodlet went to the shelter the staff told her after consulting a wildlife expert, they determined Copper - an American Kennel Club-registered Sheba Inu -  was a coyote, they released it into the wild.

Humane Society board chairman John Forbes told the State-Journal he backs the shelter's decision.

"If our manager assessed the animal to be a coyote, then it is against the law for it to be at the shelter. We rely on the people who work there," Forbes said.

Volunteers have set traps and continue to search for Copper, while a heartsick Goodlet hopes and prays that her friend has survived and will be returned.