Chester Co. terrier wins Britain's biggest show prize

A Sealyham Terrier owned by a Chester County woman won Best in Show honors at the world's largest dog show yesterday.

The terrier, "Charmin," was selected from seven group winners at Britain's Crufts show - the first of his breed since the show's founding in 1891.

Charmin's owner, Marjory Good, who runs Goodspice Kennel in Cochranville, called the four-year-old terrier "a special dog."

"He is my best buddy. He proved himself tonight and made every step just right," Good said.

The Crufts show which draws 28,000 exhibitors, came under fire in recent months after a BBC documentary alleging cruel breeding practices. The BBC dropped the show and Pedigree pulled out of its sponsorship role after the documentary aired. The Kennel Club, which organizes the show, condemned the allegations as "far from accurate."