Celebrating Tiger Ranch survivors and their savior

(Photo/Pittsburgh Tribune-Review)

Thousands of cats entered Tiger Ranch north of Pittsburgh during the years it operated as a "sanctuary" for homeless and feral cats. A relative few emerged alive when the Pennsylvania SPCA raided on the property in 2008.

And of those several hundred cats rescued many needed extensive veterinary care and labor-intensive socialization so that they could be placed with families. Most found homes after Tiger Ranch's owner Lin Marie, once known as Linda Bruno, pleaded guilty to 27 counts of animal cruelty, was sentenced to 27 years probation, before finally surrendering the animals in 2010.  

One of the brave volunteers who documented the horrific conditions inside Tiger Ranch that helped provde vital evidence of animal cruelty for the PSPCA's case came back to help the cats again, this time as a committed caregiver.

Becky Morrow, a veterinarian and Duquesne University professor, bought a house to make an exclusive cat home for the "leftover cats" of Tiger Ranch.

(We note as of January Marie had paid nothing toward the $214,000 in restitution to the PSPCA as the court ordered for the care of the cats.)

The Valley News Dispatch has the heartwarming  story of Dr. Morrow and her band of feline friends.