Catch nature in real time via raptor cams

The region's raptor cams are in full swing again this spring recording all the nesting action of the peregrine falcons and red-tailed hawks.

In Harrisburg, the state Department of Environmental Protection has installed a new HD camera that is now livestreaming activity on the ledge near the top of the Rachel Carson building where a pair of peregrine falcons has been raising chicks for 15 years. Falcon watchers report the femalehas laid four eggs - while the resident male and an interloper engaged in aerial combat over the nest. High drama over the Capitol!

It surely must have been the ghost of the great environmentalist and Pennsylvania native Rachel Carson that led the first falcon to that ledge so that future generations could witness their beauty and contemplate the fact that the falcons were almost wiped out by DDT poisoning a half century ago. It was Carson who first exposed to the world the dangers of the now-banned pesticide.

In Philadelphia hawk watchers have welcomed the return of the mating pair to the roof of the Franklin Institute for the fifth year. A live cam is documenting the nesting activity there. Catch all the latest news and pictures on Della Micah's blog.

High above, New York's Greenwich Village, hawk cam is livestreaming(see below) the action at the red-tails'nest in Washington Square Park. The current pair, Rosie and Bobby, are incubating three eggs expected to hatch in late April. The New York Times is chronicling developments in its Metropolitan blog.





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