Cat finds safe harbor in NY, PA felines not so lucky


A castaway kitty is in good hands after washing ashore last week on Governor's Island, the former Coast Guard station in New York harbor.

A security guard rescued the feisty calico cat who was wet and matted and covered with seaweed, according to news reports. The working theory is that she was swept across the channel from New Jersey in a driving rain storm.

The guards at Governor's Island took her in, cleaned her up and are now tending to every need - including as much Fancy Feast as she can consume. Now New York is all atwitter over the kitty's miraculous story and who will get to name her.

Meanwhile, 350 miles west, city officials in the steel town of Monesson, near Pittsburgh are under fire for launching a "trap-and-kill" campaign against any cats found outdoors.

Cat lovers rallied outside city hall Wednesday to protest a city ordinance that has led to the deaths of three dozen cats - not only feral cats but people's pets who were shipped to a shelter and euthanized.

The trapping began in March, when a trapper was hired to catch outdoor cats and bring them to a local shelter to be immediately put down, according to the feral cat advocacy group, Ally Cat Allies.

Many of the cats may have lived outdoors but they were being cared for and the colony maintained through TNR (trap-neuter-release), advocates say.

Alley Cat Allies staff member Rebecca Katz (can that be her real name?), said the city is ignoring requests by Citizens for a Humane Monesson to stop the trapping and impose humane alternatives like trap-neuter-release. 

City officials, including the mayor, have refused to respond to residents. The groups say they will fight on to stop the killing.