Calif. lawmaker pitches 'Megan's Law' for animal abusers

Criminal justice experts know the line between animal abuse and violence against people is a thin - and oft-crossed - one.

A 1997 Northeaster University study found that 70 percent of violent criminals committed more than one violent crime and 40 percent of them had abused animals.

Now a California lawmaker thinks that's reason enough to create a Megan's Law for pets. Under the bill, the state would establish mandatory registration system and community notification for those convicted of felony animal abuse. It would be supported by a 3-cent levy on pet food.

According to the Merced Sun-Star, Washington State is considering a similar bill. As far as Philly Dawg knows, there is no such bill before the Pennsylvania General Assembly.

At least two groups are already tracking animal abusers and collecting data for their Websites. A New Hampshire group, Through Their Eyes and both track animal abuse cases nationwide.