CSI Kennel Club: New weapon combats dog fighting with DNA

Michael Vick made his triumphant debut as the Eagles starting quarterback in Jacksonville yesterday.

Elsewhere scientists are working on a new way to make it easier to prosecute individuals like Vick - who once ran the nation's most infamous dog fighting ring.

A National Public Radio report today looks at scientists busy swabbing cheeks of pit bulls seized in dog fighting busts in an effort to better track and prosecute people who breed dogs for violence.

The result is the nation's first dog DNA crime database which got its start with a massive dog fighting raid in July 2009 in which 500 dogs from seven states were seized.

Supporters say the new database will help make cases stronger by establishing that dog fighters are breeding aggressive traits into their dogs rather than simply picking up random dogs from the shelters. But some are concerned that the database might make life more difficult for the often misunderstood pit bull and the humans who love them by singling out the breed as dangerous.

(Photo Courtesy Humane Society of Missouri)