CC Pets dogs to be transferred to breeder, Website dark

When a Commonwealth Court judge shut down Pennsylvania's most problem-plagued kennel last week, it left open the question of what was to happen to the puppies and adult dogs on site at CC Pets LLC.

Now we learn the fate of 84 puppies and 19 adult dogs housed in the Lancaster County kennel: They will be transferred to a commercial breeder, Jonathan Peachey, owner of Rocky Creek Kennel in Belleville, according to Department of Agriculture officials.

Rocky Creek is licensed to hold more than 500 dogs and had 144 dogs at the time of the last inspection in November 2008.

Attorney General Tom Corbett's spokesman Kevin Harley said agents were working closely with dog wardens to ensure the dogs are dispersed in a "legal and humane manner." Harley also said the CC Pets Website would be shut down and today it was.

Agriculture spokesman Chris Ryder said dog wardens will visit the Rocky Creek kennel to make sure it can adequately house the dogs and will follow up with CC Pets to ensure the owners have fewer than 26 dogs or if it has more dogs it would continue to be inspected but may not sell any dogs until Oct. 9 (coincidentally that date is the one year anniversary of the signing of the amended Pennsylvania dog law and the date commercial kennels have to come into compliance with the new standards.)

Senior judge Barry Feudale on Thursday ordered CC Pets owners Joyce and Raymond Stoltzfus to pay $166,000 ($200 for each of 830 violations), The ruling came six months after Attorney General Tom Corbett announced he was seeking an injunction against CC Pets for violating a 2005 agreement, the result of the largest consumer fraud lawsuit involving pet sales in state history.

The Attorney General launched an investigation last summer after the Inquirer brought to the attention of authorities that the Stoltzfus' failed to identify the kennel in classified ads as required under the agreement.