Blind dog and guide seek perfect home

Imagine being a child and navigating the streets of Philadelphia in the dark - all the time.

That's what little Jeffrey faced as a blind dog. Only Jeffrey was fortunate enough to have his own seeing eye dog - his brother Jermaine. The two pit bull terrier mixes run around like normal playful pups, only Jeffrey sometimes needs a little guidance and gently leans on Germaine to lead the way.

And talk about a generous brother, just this morning Jermaine refused to eat a stray treat on the floor of their kennel and instead waited for Jeffrey to find it. Talk about two pitties in a pod.

The two six-month old pups were picked up by a Good Samaritan last month and brought to Operation Ava rescue.

The rescue says the two duo must be adopted together with a family in the Philadelphia area.

The rescue has had plenty of applications since being featured on local TV and Facebook, but the prospective adopters so far are not local.

So come on Philadelphia animal lovers what are you waiting for? Get them as a two-for-one deal too. A kind sponsor has already paid Jeffrey's adoption fee.

Take a look at the clip below and tell me those aren't two faces you want to have looking adoringly at you every day!

For more information check out or go to Op Ava's Facebook page.