Beware the Cameroon cat scam

Apparently word hasn't reached Austria about the Nigerian royal family bank scam or the British tourist who lost his wallet ruse.

Now we have word that an Salzburg woman was duped big time by a Cameroon cat scam.

Here's the story courtesy of Deutsche Presse:

An Austrian woman failed to look a gift cat in the mouth and ended up $31,000 poorer and without the free animal promised in an online scam, Austrian media reported Wednesday.

The 19-year-old woman from Salzburg province had found an offer for a free "British Shorthair" cat on the Internet, broadcaster ORF reported. Instead of delivering the gift, purported cat donor started asking for money transfers to Cameroon for vaccinations, air transport, official papers and quarantine costs, promising that the money would be repaid later.

The woman made 23 transfers, but her furry friend was never sent, the Salzburg police authority said. Finally, the woman realized there is no such thing as a free cat and contacted police.