Best buds: Lab helps nurse piglet back from injury

Little piggy falls off livestock truck.

She is found lying unconscous by the side of a road in Kansas by a kind-hearted family.

They happen to own a loveable yellow Lab who immediately bonds with the piglet.

Does it get any more fairy tale than this?

That's what happened back in April when little Mu Shu was just four pounds and four weeks old.  She was lying on the shoulder of U.S. 50 when she was rescued by Stacie Tonn, her veterinarian husband, and four daughters.

Left temporarily blinded by the accident, Mu Shu was nursed back to health with the help of Hunter, the Lab. 

He licked and nudged the injured piglet, and helped her get around, reported The Wichita Eagle at the time.

A video of the unusual pair at play even made it on The Ellen Degeneres Show.

Mu Shu is now 300 pounds, and living at Walton Rural Life Center, an agriculture-oriented charter school, that educates kids from kindergarten to fourth grade.

Hunter visits her once or twice a month.

“She still knows the sound of my truck. When I pull up to her pen, she will pop out with excitement. She knows she’s going to get snacks,” Stacie Tonn told The Wichita Eagle.

“Pigs are our biggest project,” said Walton Rural Life Center kindergarten teacher Rhonda Roux. “If she stays healthy, we are thinking of breeding her and having a litter of piglets.”

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