Baby falcons rescued from river in Lancaster

(Photo/Lancaster Intelligencer-Journal)

Kudos to summer boaters in Lancaster who netted two unusual catches in the past few days: Not one, but two baby falcons who fledged too early and ended up in the Susquehanna River.

The falcon nest was suspended perilously over the river and bird watchers had been concerned the youngsters might fall into the water when they took their first flight. And that's exactly what happened. Pennsylvania Game Commission officials helped ferry the birds to safety.

(At this point one has to ask, why the PGC rushes in to save some species of animals, but feels compelled to destroy other wildlife rescued by Good Samaritans - I'm speaking here about deer, particularly fawns whose deaths by PGC wardens we hear about every spring, though fortunately not this year. Philly Dawg will, however, give props to the PGC for finding funding to buy modern tranquilizer guns rather than use the lethal kind on an increasing number young black bears who have been wandering into suburban neighborhoods.)

Read the full story on the falcon rescue from the Lancaster Intelligencer-Journal here.

Peregrine falcons - once almost wiped out by the now-banned pesticide DDT - have been nesting successfully in Harrisburg, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia for a decade. This was the first successful falcon nesting in Lancaster County in 63 years.