At long last, a home for LAPS

For 22 years, the Large Animal Protection Society (LAPS) has been devoted to protecting horses and farm animals of southeastern Pennsylvania and seeking justice for their abusers.

But they never had a permanent home. The group borrowed spare fields and worked out foster arrangements to hold the horses, donkeys, goats and assorted other animals seized in cruelty cases or surrendered until they could be adopted.

Efforts to secure a donated farm or land were unsuccessful and fundraising was coming in fits and starts. But now, thanks to several substantial donations from anonymous benefactors, LAPS has purchased a small farm in Chester County.

"It's a dream come true," said LAPS board president Douglass Newbold.

And just in time too.

LAPS humane agents seized five horses - a mare, three foals and a yearling - from a Chester County farm last week. They all were suffering from malnutrition. The foals were also infested with lice and one had pneumonia. They are now getting vet care, food and love at their new facility. LAPS will charge the owner with cruelty, Newbold said.