A Halloween black cat story with a happy ending? We hope

When kind-hearted passersby heard the tiny "mews" from somewhere beneath the streets of Greencastle, Pa, west  of Harrisburg on Halloween, they naturally called for help. They tried the police. They tried firefighters. The tried PennDot. All day long they tried to figure out how to reach the kitten and left empty handed.

Then 16-year-old Morgan Knoll, a volunteer at a local animal shelter arrived.

Armed with headlamps, flashlights, poles and nets Knoll and her support team from the Greener Pastures No Kill Shelter went to work. Once they removed the heavy storm grate, Knoll dove into the black tunnel and waded through six inches of water to locate the kitten, according to the Echo-Pilot report.

Then suddenly Knoll popped out of the stormy drain a month-old kitten in hand. The kitten, who may well have succumbed to hypothermia,  is now resting comfortably, eating well and curled up in a basket at the Greener Pastures shelter where it will stay until it's old enough to be adopted.

We were going to close the curtain on the Halloween happy ending story by saying we hoped young Megan gets the kudos she deserves for her bravery and resourcefulness in finding and rescuing the kitten.

But then we suddenly thought the name Samantha Frey rang a bell. Frey was identified as the owner of Greener Pastures shelter in the rescue story. So we googled. Turns out she was convicted of forgery in August, according to the Public Opinion newspaper,  for trying to steal a deceased man's Harley Davidson motorcycle and other property. 

Frey is currently serving 24 months probation for her crime but is apparently still operating the shelter which has cats, dogs and farm animals for adoption.  In 2010 Frey, who had a state kennel license, received warnings about unsanitary and potentially dangerous condtions in her kennel. She gave up her license earlier this year.