Artist doing it Berkeley style spurs controversy

A California artist set tongues wagging in Berkeley when residents learned the sculptures he made for a pedestrian bridge depicting dogs in various poses were, well, not the poses they thought they should be paying for.

Artist Scott Donahue of Emeryville, Calif., was paid $196,000 by Berkeley's public arts program to create two 28-foot-high statues in fiberglass stone and bronze, which as the artist decibels it, personify the city, its culture and recreation. Along with the birdwatchers and kiteflyers is a series of small medallions depicting dogs doing doggy things - like chasing, sniffing, defecating and yes, copulating. (click here for the full photo show)

Reactions are decidely mixed around Berkeley. Some outraged taxpayers said they think the amount of taxpayer money spent on public art at a time when California faces a major budget crisis was excessive. One resident was unmoved by the controversial subject matter. She told Fox News it was just natural science, "it's what dogs do."  Do?