Animal welfare group endorses Corzine

A leading national animal welfare group is throwing its support behind New Jersey, Gov. Jon Corzine in today's election.

The Humane Society Legislative Fund - the lobbying arm of the Humane Society of the United States - says it has endorsed Corzine for his leadership in animal protection. During his first term, Corzine, a Democrat, worked with the Department of Environmental Protection to stop the controversial trophy hunting season on the state’s small population of black bears. Instead, he implemented a comprehensive plan to solve bear problems using humane and non-lethal management strategies.

Fund president Michael Markarian wrote yesterday in his blog that by contrast, Corzine’s opponent, Republican Chris Christie, has indicated his support for bear hunting, "demonstrating a clear contrast between the candidates on the state’s most high-profile animal protection issue."

Markarian adds:

Corzine signed numerous animal protection bills into law, including measures to ban Internet hunting, protect pets in disasters, tax fur clothing, suspend the harvest of horseshoe crabs, and support spaying and neutering of pets.

State Sen. Loretta Weinberg, Corzine’s running mate for Lieutenant Governor, has been a leading champion for animals in the state legislature, introducing bills to ban bear hunting and end the inhumane confinement of veal calves in small crates.