Animal watch 3/4

The following are some of the recent cases investigated by the Pennsylvania SPCA. Headquartered at 350 E. Erie Avenue in Philadelphia, the PSPCA operates four branches throughout the state. For more information, call 215-426-6300 or visit To report animal cruelty call 1-866-601-SPCA.

Newkirk St,  3200 block, Feb. 10. The PSPCA received a call from Philadelphia police about five dogs inside the property as they attempted to execute a warrant for the arrest of one of the occupants. Humane law enforcement officers responded with their own warrant to remove the dogs. Upon arrival officer observed the dogs, all heavily chained, living in filthy conditions without food or water. Three of the five dogs had fresh scars on their face and back legs. Officers also found paraphernalia related to dog fighting (chains, medications, treadmill, scale). The dogs were seized and brought the PSPCA where they were evaluated and are being held in protective custody. Officers continue to investigate the case to identify the owners and uncover more information regarding a possible dog fighting ring.

Jerome St., 1300 block. Feb. 15. Humane law enforcement officers responded to an anonymous complaint of three severely underweight dogs in a yard. Upon arrival, the officers found the dogs, two female pit bull mixes and a female Cane Corso mix, chained in various parts of the yard. They appeared to be in very poor physical condition without access to food, water or shelter. The officers obtained a search warrant to remove the dogs. Upon returning with a warrant, the officers encountered the owner who agreed to surrender the animals. They were brought to the PSPCA where they received medical attention and will be evaluated before being released for adoption. The owner received two citations for animal cruelty.

Disston St. 2100 block. Early February. Officers responded to an anonymous complaint of a dog left on a deck with no shelter. No one was home when officers arrived, however they noticed a Pomeranian through a basement window. They dog appeared to be in good health and had food, but did not appear to have water. Officers posted a notice on the door. Several days later, the PSPCA received another complaint from a neighbor. Officers returned to the property. The notice was still on the door. Neighbors reported that no one had been the house for a period of time. The officer could hear the dog barking in the house and obtained a warrant. Upon entering, it appeared as if the occupants had moved out of the house. The Pomeranian was found in the basement with an open bag of food and a dirty water bowl. Officers also found a small orange fish in a tank on the first floor. A PSPCA dog collar was found on the property with tags on it.  Both animals were brought to the PSPCA where they are being held in protective custody. The case is under investigation.

North Cleveland St. 2400 block. Feb. 5, Officers received a complaint of a dog unable to stand in the backyard of the residence. Upon arrival officers observed a severely emaciated Rottweiler  mix without food or water and unable to stand. No one was present at the residence. Due to imminent risk of death, the officers seized the dog, which was brought under police escort to the PSPCA’s shelter hospital. Despite the efforts of the veterinary team, the dog died a few hours later. Through the dog’s tags and records located on the scene, the officers were able to identify the owner of the property. Neighbors confirmed the home owners name and stated that he had been ill and not living at the location for a period of time. The neighbors indicated that the homeowner’s brother had been responsible for caring for the dog and had been seen recently on the property. Officers contacted the brother and continue to investigate to determine responsibility so that citations can be issued.