Animal Watch Sept. 22


The following are some of the recent cases investigated by the Pennsylvania SPCA. Headquartered at 350 E. Erie Avenue in Philadelphia, the PSPCA operates five branches throughout the state. For more information, call 215-426-6300 or visit To report animal cruelty call 1-866-601-SPCA.

Reedland St., 6500 block, Sept. 15. A PSPCA humane law enforcement officer responded to a complaint about two pit bulls at the property that appeared to be starving at the property. The officer found the two dogs, both of which were emaciated and flea infested, living in unsanitary conditions in the basement with urine and feces present on the floor and no food or water available. During the investigation, the officer was attacked by the dogs. Police responded and the officer was taken by ambulance to the hospital at the University of Pennsylvania where she was treated for non-life-threatening injuries and released the same day. The dogs were transported to the PSPCA for evaluation.

Cambridge St., 2800 block, Sept. 10. Humane law enforcement officers responded to a neighbor’s complaint that the owner a the home had died, leaving 20 cats with no one to care for them. The daughter of the deceased property owner said that she had been taking care of the cats and bringing them food, but did admit that the home was in poor condition. She agreed to surrender the cats to the PSPCA. Officers removed 20 cats that appeared to be feral from the home, which had a strong odor of feces and urine. The cats were signed over and taken to the PSPCA for evaluation.

Haldeman Ave., 9900 block, Sept. 9. Humane law enforcement officers and medical staff responded to a neighbor’s concerns that two dogs had been abandoned by an owner who had moved out approximately a week earlier. The neighbor could see one of the dogs running around, but the other dog appeared to be dead. Officers on the scene found a 1-2-year-old Maltese dead on the living room floor and a Yorkshire terrier, about the same age, living among piles of clothes, trash and feces. There was no food or water available. Both dogs were removed from the home and the Yorkshire terrier was brought to the PSPCA for evaluation. The PSPCA is currently looking for the owner.

Ogontz Ave., 7300 block, Aug. 31. Five adult pit bulls and two pit bull puppies were discovered when Philadelphia Police responded to a shooting at the above location. None of the dogs had access to water. The puppies, who were between three and six months old, were in a pen that did not provide adequate shelter and the adult dogs, which appeared thin, were tethered separate from each other with heavy chains. The shooting suspect who resides at the home had not been apprehended by police. By the time humane law enforcement officers were able to return to the property with a search warrant, three of the adult dogs had been removed from the property. The officers removed the remaining two adult dogs and two puppies from the scene and brought them to the PSPCA for evaluation.