Bolt, the mutt, stars in VW's Superbowl ad

Remember Volkswagon's hot Superbowl commercial last year? The one with the Star Wars theme, where Darth Vader confronts the little boy?

For this year's big game, VW doubles down on cute with a mutt named Bolt.

The Australian Shepherd-St. Bernard mix dons a "fat suit," you know, like the old roly poly VW Beetle. Then presto-chango Bolt slims down and so does the Bug.

Makers of the ad, called "The Dog Strikes Back,"  say Bolt had to feel at ease on camera and get along with his fat suit. 

"We had to teach the dog to act, so he would get comfortable in front of a camera -- and comfortable wearing the fat suit -- and so he would give us all the right expressions,” Michael Sheldon, chief executive of Deutsch LA told the Los Angeles Times.  “All the prep work had to be perfect before we could shoot.”

Bolt, who was born in Japan but now calls Santa Clara California home, w is no newbie when it comes to being filmed.

He was part of the ensemble cast of the upcoming movie "Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3. 

Now Bolt may be going big time with his own TV show, the Times reports. If the pilot of "Scent of the Missing"  gets picked up, Bolt will be a regular.

But for now he can bask in Superbowl glory today and on YouTube long after.