Angry fans dump Eagles tickets on Craig's List

Eagles fans are putting their hard-earned tickets where their mouths are on Craig's List today. Word was barely out about Michael Vick signing a two-year deal with the Eagles when Philadelphia Craig's List started buzzing with angry fans seeking to rid themselves of tarnished tickets.

Writes one Eagles fan trying to unload season tickets: "The last thing my son & I want to see is Michael Vick in an Eagles jersey. We made up our mind to sell the tickets. Lower Level, 2 seats, side by side, 24 rows off the field. Great seats. $3000 cash gets the tickets. Any info feel free to ask, serious buyers only, I want the deal done fast."

Another disgruntled fan writes: If the Eagles are going to sell out, then so am I. 2 tickets to 7 regular season games in section 237 row 13 for $2000.00. I already donated the Tampa Bay tickets for a charity

Still another post urges fans to donate some of the proceeds from their ticket sales to charity.

Of course, Craig's list was awash with other posters looking to "help" fans who wanted to shed their tickets. Wrote one: "Vick haters look no further $100. I will take your tickets from you!!!!"