Alice gives Pawganics dog shampoo two paws up

We enlisted our trusty test Lab, Alice, to try a new dog shampoo and here's what she had to say:

Hello all, it's me Alice, your product-reviewing Labrador Retriever. I am here to tell you all about the PawGanics foaming shampoo and hydrating conditioner. In my last review I told you about my very well-trained person. He drives, which is cool because we went SWIMMING at the Canine Spa in Dillsburg, Pa., and boy was it fun as it always is. (I can outlast my ball tosser any day, plus it's good for my achy knees.)

Alice, the test Lab, gets a scrub down with Pawganics foaming shampoo and conditioner. Photo/Christopher Gardner

Swimming, Swimming, Swimming. Followed by the less fun post-swimming bath, ugh. Well I now have some good news for all of you who do not look forward to a bath. PawGanics Oatmeal Vanilla FOAMING Shampoo ($11.99). Yes, my doggie friends I said it is foaming. It was just luxurious getting the scrub with the foaming shampoo and it rinses out fast.  It felt great and made me smell better than a roll in the woods.

After the shampoo I got a scrub down with the PawGanics Fragrance-Free Hydrating Conditioner ($11.99). It made my coat so soft and shiny and I could still smell the oatmeal vanilla from the shampoo. I have to say this shampoo and conditioner works great and you should give it a try. I am attaching a less-than-flattering picture he took of me with the foaming shampoo on my head. I will see you soon with another review.

PawGanics has a new line of "pet safe, baby safe, earth safe" cleaning products in addition to its line of non-toxic, plant-based, hypoallergenic pet grooming supplies.