After the rapture who will feed your pet?

The idea of post-rapture pet care is nothing new. We brought you the story of the New Hampshire man who pioneered the concept with Earthbound Pets some time ago.

Now he's not alone - and neither will your pets be when you go beaming heavenward. 

With all the talk of the world ending, well, today, there's been a sudden flurry of post-rapture pet care start ups.

Earthbound Pets owner Bart Centre, reports his email service maxed out on Friday after all the pre-Judgment Day publicity around his service. $135 gets you a 10-year contract. 

Centre and his athiest friends are capitalizing on the Judgment Day madness with an offer no pet owner could refuse: spare your pet a "slow death by starvation in the event that you get raptured.”

(Proceeds go to pet food banks in New Hampshire)

Those on a budget may want to look into After the Rapture Pet Care, featured here, which is offering its services at the low, low rate of $10 per pet.