Activists fight to bail out cow bound for slaughter


UPDATE: The chicken found wandering near the slaughterhouse hitched a ride with drivers from the Woodstock Sanctuary in upstate New York, where it will join 19 other rescued hens and rooster. "It will be heaven on earth for this survivor!" writes activist Marianne Bessey. (See Inquirer video of chicken rescue below)

Animal rights groups from around the region are fighting to save a cow bound for slaughter in Upper Darby.

Marianne Bessey, an attorney and member of Animal ACTivists of Philly, says she made a deal with Madina Poultry officials to pick up a cow who escaped and led police on an hour-long chase over the weekend.

Bessey said she was told for $800 she could buy the cow and she planned to send it to a farm in Woodstock, N.Y.

Bessey and activist Kim Slama arrived today at 9 a.m. but an employee balked, claiming he had to talk with his boss who was out of country, Bessey told the Daily News.

"He claimed he would keep the cow alive if we had the money," said Bessey, a leading crusader on elephants' rights.

The plant official would not comment to news reporters but allegedly told Slama to cancel a trailer that was on its way.

Bessey headed to court to file a civil complaint claiming beach of contract.

She later called 9-1-1 to report animal cruelty because she believed no one had opened the business to provide water to the livestock inside.

About noon, a trailer arrived and a woman with a pink lasso got out of the truck, but the building was locked.

The 6 p.m. report: No employees returned to the slaughterhouse and it remained closed all day. The Inquirer learned that activists are not going to leave the slaughterhouse empty handed. They spotted a chicken running free and captured it. Hopefully, the chicken is bound for a happier place.