A bird's eye view of Jackson Valley, WY - literally

What does the Jackson Valley of Wyoming look like from the air? Here it is, delivered by falcon wing. (Hat tip to Terrierman for this find)

The caption from the video reads:

This is a short video clip from one of my tiercel Peale's Peregrine that has been at tame hack for the last 4 weeks. He is wearing a small camera on his back that faces forward. Today, this Peale's tiercel took off playing with another falcon, a male Lanner Falcon, and chased him across the valley and up into the sky thousands of feet. You can see this Peale's keep looking up; he is looking at the Lanner he is chasing. The Lanner Falcon was also wearing a camera. From the Lanner's view, I can see glimpses of this Peale's below him.