A West Coast premier for PA anti-puppy mill campaign

From the PA Turnpike to Chicago to Burbank.

Main Line Animal Rescue has taken its anti-puppy mill billboard campaign to the West Coast, installing a sign depicting Pennsylvania dogs in rabbit hutches amid the trend-setting movie studios of Burbank.

MLAR founder Bill Smith said he hopes to raise awareness among movie makers and TV producers, as well as sway pet stores from peddling puppies. "Los Angeles sells more puppy mill dogs than any other city besides New York," said Smith. 

MLAR caused a stir in 2005 when it erected its first head-turning billboard on the Pennsylvania Turnpike - a ironic image of a happy 1960s family motoring along in their convertible under the heading "Welcome to Lancaster County, Home to Hundreds of Puppy Mills." It was replaced with the now legendary "beagle in the dishwasher" billboard, an image used by supporters of the tougher dog law to illustrate the legal cage size in state kennels.

Last year MLAR posted billboard near the Oprah Winfrey studios in Chicago. That led to an Oprah investigation on Pennsylvania puppy mills and Smith's appearance (twice) on the show.

Smith said he's considering taking his campaign abroad, most likely London, since Brits have shown great concern about conditions in U.S. puppy mills. "We want to discourage people from coming to Pennsylvania until the laws are better enforced," he said.