A White (House) Christmas for Bo Obama

And now a Christmas message from the White House: Woof!

First Dog Bo Obama sat still long enough for a White House photographer to snap a picture of him for his official holiday portrait. But that's not all. There are Bo cookies, Bo sculptures and Bo ornaments adorning 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. this holiday season.

As pet blogger ohmidog points out, Bo is sitting next to a pair of potted poinsettias which are no-no plants in pet households. While not likely fatal, ingestion of the leaves can cause mouth irritation and stomach distress. (See ASPCA's Poison Control page for more holiday hazards for pets)

Bo did his good deed this Christmas season by accompanying the First Lady on her rounds at Children's National Medical Center in Washington D.C. where she read 'Twas the Night Before Christmas to young patients (for more photos see PeoplePets link below)

Ohmidog also alerts us to the fact that Bo, a Portuguese Water Dog now two years old, is a signatory to the annual Christmas card.

For more photos of Bo and Christmas at the White House, visit PeoplePets.

(Official White House photo of Bo by Chuck Kennedy)