AKC takes action against PA breeders

The American Kennel Club took the following recent actions against Pennsylvania breeders who register dogs with the organization.

Candy Heart Retrievers Kennel, Greentown, Pike County. Owner Freya Grover. Suspended on 11/9/09 for 10 years for conduct prejudicial to purebred dogs, purebred dog events, or to the best interests of The American Kennel Club based on their violation of the AKC’s Cruelty Conviction Policy. The AKC also imposed a $2000 fine. The Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement issued Grover multiple citations in Feb. 2009 after finding that there were not enough shelters for the number of dogs housed outside and that the shelters had no bedding and frozen water bowls in 18 degree temperatures.

Starlight Kennels, Oxford, Chester County. Owner Shawn Solden. Solden had a registered kennel name that expired in 3/09.  The kennel was cited repeatedly in 2009 by the Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement for housing dogs in filthy pens with mangled fences and broken crates with sharp edges and for having dog beds that were broken and dangerous. Solden also was cited for failing to comply with a veterinary check that was ordered on one dog. Kennel license revoked by the Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement.

Nacoma Kennel, Lehighton, Carbon County. Owner Gus Cerino. The kennel has a history of dog law violations, most recently this month an inspection revealed that dogs housed outside had frozen water bowls and that some dogs were kept in enclosures that did not allow them space to freely lie down or sit. Kennel license revoked by the Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement. 

The kennel's website no longer displays the AKC seal.