Philly Dawg Archive: August, 2012

Rescued from the storm: Isaac planning meant better outcomes for pets

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This time they got it right. New reports say more than 200 Louisiana shelter animals were evacuated to east Texas ahead of Hurricane Isaac... Read more

8/30: Chat: Leigh Siegfried of Opportunity Barks

Leigh Siegfried is an Associate member of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants and is a Member of the Association of... Read more

Baby flamingo greets the world at the Bronx Zoo

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The web is a minefield of distraction. On my way to opening my blog to write about Hurricane Isaac, I detoured through the Bronx Zoo, where... Read more

Post-Katrina planning means leaving no pet (or person) behind

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As Hurricane Isaac bears down on New Orleans and the Gulf Coast of Mississippi and Alabama, my thoughts turn to the thousands of animals who... Read more

Activist whose rescue group bought former Vick property faces cruelty charges

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Former Pennsylvania anti-chaining activist Tamira Thayne, whose group purchased Michael Vick's compound in southern Virginia for a rehab... Read more

Pine litter gets high marks for odor control, but fails clumping test

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Pine pellets are hands down the best form of cat litter. If I see someone eyeing a bag of pellets in the aisle of my local pet store, I often... Read more

Feds fine PA ferret farm for animal cruelty, labor violations

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A large Pennsylvania ferret farm that supplies animals to the Centers for Disease Control as well as pet retailers, has been fined $44,000... Read more

Aramark to end use of "gestation crates" for pigs in its supply chain

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Philadelphia-based food service giant Aramark today said it will eliminate all pork from animals bred using gestation crates in its U.S. supply... Read more