Philly Dawg Archive: July, 2010

Board lifts suspension on vet convicted of cruelty

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A Chester County veterinarian, who was convicted of animal abuse, can once again practice medicine. A spokesman confirmed that the state... Read more

7/16 Chat: ASPCA on Animal Hoarding

About our chatter: Dr. Randall Lockwood joined the ASPCA in 2005 and is currently Senior Vice President of the ASPCA’s Forensic Sciences... Read more

PSPCA removes nearly 150 animals from two Phila. homes

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Photo David Warren/Inquirer THURSDAY UPDATE - From my Inquirer colleague Peter Mucha: The PSPCA reports that a total of 85 live chihuahuas... Read more

State cites first former licensed kennel under new dog law

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CLARIFICATION - Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement spokesman Justin Fleming called to remind me that while state dog wardens do not have open access... Read more

"The Cult of Clinton," a mega-star horse whisperer and his disciples

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In the early 1970s - when I encountered my first horse - people rode horses, they generally didn't understand horses. I was seven and had signed... Read more

Rendell to Ag Department: Pull the regs on wire flooring

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Gov. Rendell sent a stern message to his own Department of Agriculture today: No wire flooring means no wire flooring. Eight days after the... Read more

New state kennel policy okays wire floors for adult dogs

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When Gov. Rendell signed the dog law outside a Philadelphia area veterinary clinic on Oct. 9, 2008, surrounded by lawmakers and animal advocates... Read more

Animal abuse and domestic violence: Evidence mounts on link

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A compelling piece in the June 13 edition of the New York Times magazine, tells readers what shelter operators - both those that house animals... Read more