Philly Dawg Archive: June, 2012

Vet hospital rescues 30 cats stuffed in an SUV

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The staff at Good Hope Animal Hospital outside Harrisburg has cared for pets belonging to motorists whose cars are being serviced at the neighboring... Read more

PA hospital makes way for ducklings

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We pause now from our usual stream of sad stories to share a random act of kindness, brought to you by the management, patients and landscapers... Read more

While I was gone... Philadelphia animal stories make headlines

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Philly Dawg has been away from her post for a brief time, enjoying a relaxing Cape Cod seaside setting and three days of rigorous sessions... Read more

6/28: Chat: Leigh Siegfried of Opportunity Barks

Leigh Siegfried is an Associate member of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants and is a Member of the Association of... Read more

State, shelter intervene to save "dangerous' dog

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What happens when police respond to a domestic incident, find a man suffering from bite wounds and a dog so wound up they have to fire a Taser... Read more

Can a cat steal a baby's breath? Will doggie kisses make you sick?

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WebMD, the go-to site for medical information for humans has branched out lately to include a regular diet of pet health stories. Their... Read more

Mixed news on animal legislation in Harrisburg and D.C.

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UPDATE: There are several more important animal welfare bills still awaiting action in Harrisburg: SB 972 - sponsored by Sen. Rich Alloway... Read more

On HBO tonight: "One Nation Under Dog" shows dark side of our animal obsession

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I've seen the insides of puppy mills. I've seen the heartbreaking video of sick and maimed dogs taken at the scene of Pennsylvania puppy... Read more