Philly Dawg Archive: June, 2010

On Capitol Hill canines rule the House (and Senate)

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There may be no end to the partisan posturing on the floors of the U.S. House and Senate but behind the office doors dogs - and a few cats... Read more

Dog fancier takes tail docking protest to show ring

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UPDATE - Nora Sadler reports that the judge disqualified her from competition today for showing her Weimaraner with a natural tail. Sadler... Read more

Activists gather to mourn dog found hanged in a park

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Dozens of animal lovers gathered at a North Philadelphia park today to remember Flora, the year-old mixed breed dog found hanged there on... Read more

Animal torture case inspires vigil in N. Phila.

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Animal welfare advocates from the law enforcement, social services, education, and political communities are hosting a vigil Thursday at a... Read more

Dog hanged in N. Phila. playground

UPDATE: The reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction now stands at $3500. The Humane Society of the United States has offered... Read more

Cleared in court, Biden dog breeder facing state sanctions

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The Chester County kennel owner who sold Vice President Joe Biden a dog in Dec. 2008 was found not guilty of dog law violations - for the... Read more

Animal abuser sentenced to two years in prison

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Pennsylvania judges are taking a dim view of repeat animal cruelty offenders. A Schuylkill County judge Friday sentenced Virginia Justiniano... Read more

Game commission seizes pet finch from woman who saved it

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What started as a warm-and-fuzzy human interest story about a Lancaster woman who saved the life of a wild bird has turned into a major contretemps... Read more