Philly Dawg Archive: April, 2012

Local governments make strides toward pet protection

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Three Pennsylvania municipalities have taken action recently to protect animals. Two townships in York County became the first in the state... Read more

Compliance and fiscal crises at dog law: Musings on fiery meeting

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Not a day goes by without one press release or more hitting my email box from the Corbett administration announcing a new effort to crack down... Read more

Who's running PA's dog law agency?

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The board charged with advising Gov. Corbett on dog law issues is set to meet Wednesday for the first time since Corbett took office 15 months... Read more

Who says (big) cats and dogs don't get along? Meet Kasi and Mtani

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It started like this: Babies at Busch Gardens zoo in Florida in search of a playmate. They found each other. Kasi, the cheetah cub who... Read more

4/19: Chat: Leigh Siegfried of Opportunity Barks

Leigh Siegfried is an Associate member of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants and is a Member of the Association of... Read more

Romneys TV interview reignites dog-on-roof controversy

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There's no other way to put it, Mitt and Ann Romney stepped in it in their first joint network TV interview. They fielded lots of questions... Read more

Life on the ledge, Hburg falcon eggs hatch, NYC hawks out

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UPDATE: Two falcon eggs hatched in quick succession today. Tune in to see the little balls of white fluff. Time to tune in to Falconcam. The... Read more

The new distracted driving target: Lap dogs

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First cell phones and texting, now a ban on lap dogs, while driving that is. Rhode Island lawmakers are weighing legislation to make it... Read more