Philly Dawg Archive: February, 2010

AKC takes action against PA breeders

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The American Kennel Club took the following recent actions against Pennsylvania breeders who register dogs with the organization. Candy Heart... Read more

Calif. lawmaker pitches "Megan's Law" for animal abusers

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Criminal justice experts know the line between animal abuse and violence against people is a thin - and oft-crossed - one. A 1997 Northeaster... Read more

Barker's bucks help revive pro-pigeon campaign

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Bolstered by a $1 million donation from former TV game show host Bob Barker, animal welfare activists took their message to the state Capitol... Read more

Animal watch Feb. 26

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The following are some of the recent cases investigated by the Pennsylvania SPCA. Headquartered at 350 E. Erie Avenue in Philadelphia, the... Read more

PETA hopes Tiger Woods billboard will save animals

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UPDATE - Apparently Woods' lawyers didn't think much of the billboard idea and kindly requested PETA halt the campaign and pull the image from... Read more

Live chat with the ASPCA's Debora Bresch

Debora Bresch, the ASPCA's Senior Director of Legislative Initiatives, will discuss Pennsylvania / Philadelphia dog law, breed-specific legislation... Read more

Pit bull attacks prompt questions

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A rash of attacks by pit bulls in Philadelphia that left one person dead and two others badly injured has prompted some to ask: Is it the dogs... Read more

Dog breeders sue welfare groups, anti-chaining activist to appeal

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Six Lancaster County dog breeders have filed a federal lawsuit against two Philadelphia animal welfare groups over the purchase of dogs at... Read more