Philly Dawg Archive: November, 2011

Adams Co. shelter rescues 21 starving thoroughbreds

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From the apparently endless stream of stories of animal cruelty in Pennsylvania comes this: Adams County, home to Gettysburg and Philly Dawg... Read more

Owner of starving Delco pitbull turns himself in

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Authorities have charged the owner of a young emaciated pitbull found Delaware County on Halloween. Lamont Alexander, 28, of Morton, was... Read more

Clark Kent needs superkitty strength to survive ordeal

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When a rescuer picked up the half-dead orange tabby cat in a gutter in West Philadelphia's Clark Park there was little hope of ever finding... Read more

Officer corrals frightened pup on AZ superhighway

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Talk about an unusual animal round-up. A police officer manages to herd a frightened dog as it bolted into traffic on a multi-lane highway... Read more

Animal news round up 11/20

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Remember Patrick, the emaciated young pit bull mix, who was tossed down a trash shoot in a NJ apartment building and left for dead? His owner... Read more

Iddy biddy bats in swaddling clothes? It's all part of Aussie rescue

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Happy news for a nursery full of orphaned baby fruit bats in Australia. Rescuers in Brisbane have wrapped 98 infant bats in mini-blankets... Read more

11/17: Chat: Leigh Siegfried of Opportunity Barks

Leigh Siegfried is an Associate member of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants and is a Member of the Association of... Read more

Horse slaughter inspection funding restored in 2012 budget

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Bad news for unwanted horses, good news for the protection of show horses in the federal budget moving through Congress. Without funding to... Read more