Animal Planet star Jackson Galaxy gets hitched at famed rescue


Most of the time Jackson Galaxy's life is a living hell. As the host of Animal Planet's "My Cat from Hell" the all-star cat behavior expert deals with some pretty dicey feline situations.

But late last month Galaxy experienced a little heaven on earth: On June 29 and his fiancee Minoo Rahbar tied the knot in the beautiful surroundings of Best Friends Animal Society in Utah. 

Their dog, Mooshka, was the ringbearer and a resident donkey named Sweetheart played flower girl for the event.

Here's what Galaxy had to say about it:

"Getting married at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary was everything that we hoped it would be. Minoo and I have gladly dedicated much of our lives to the well being of all animals, and there is no better place we could think of that both in spirit and commitment reflected our passion, not to mention our love for one another. The location, Angel’s Landing, is a natural amphitheater carved from the sandstone, and as everyone who has been there would attest, the spot itself is powerful, romantic and peaceful. The spirit that permeates the canyon is tangible and the result was something we’ll never forget.

Our hope is that if you love animals as much as we do, you will make the trip to this sanctuary. It can’t be described, only experienced. And our experience was magical."

Best Friends, the nation's largest no-kill shelter for companion animals (where several of Michael Vick's former fighting dogs will likely spend their lives), welcomes visitors and couples seeking a one-of-a-kind wedding venue. They host between 12 and 15 weddings a year.

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