PSPCA find 5 dead dogs, 2 emaciated dogs in separate incidents


PSPCA humane officers are investigating two separate cases of cruelty in the Kensington section of Philadelphia - both discovered while officers were responding to unrelated calls.

First, officers made a grisly discovery at the corner of Martha and Monmouth Strees on Thursday night. They found five dead dogs on the wall abutting the railroad tracks including a pitbull in a garbage bag, a mixed breed dog in a cooler and three small dogs in a pile.

None of the dogs had ID and their bodies were too decomposed to conduct a nexcropsy to determine the cause of death, the PSPCA said.

Officers learned of the remains while serving a warrant in an unrelated case across the street. Neighbors itold the officers about the presence of the dogs but the PSPCA needs information about what happened to them and who did it.

“We’re asking for the community’s help in understanding what happened to these dogs and who the perpetrators were," said George Bengal, the PSPCA's director of humane law enforcement “ Tips from the community are critical in cases like this.”

Anyone with information should call the PSPCA cruelty hotline at 1-866-601-SPCA.

Meanwhile, humane officers  removed two emaciated pit bulls from a home in the 2100 block of Cambria St. just in the nick of time.

The dogs were discovered while officers were responding to a call about a nearby home. The officers heard barking from the basement. When they looked through the window they saw the starving dogs, standing in feces and no sign of food or water. Because some steps to the basement were missing, officers teamed up to lift the dogs out.

(In other words, clearly no one had any intention of feeding or caring for the animals. They were tossed down there to die. And to think, someone was living in that house while the dogs were trapped in the basement dying.)

The 3-year -old female, Lexington, was so weak she could not walk and had to be carried out of the home. The 7-year-old male, Hudson, was in poor condition but strong enough to walk. Both animals are being evaluated by the veterinary staff at the PSPCA.

The homeowner has been charged with animal cruelty for unsanitary confinement and lack of food and water. The dogs were surrendered to the PSPCA.

Good news to report: Lexington walked for the first time midday on Friday. Officials are hopeful for a quick recovery - and placement in happy homes - for both dogs.