206 dogs removed from Columbia County house

Humane Society of the United States representative Sarah Speed (left) and Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture Veterinarian Dr. Nan Hanshaw (right) examine a Chihuahua rescued from a home in Columbia County. The 187 dogs were at an emergency shelter early Friday morning at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex and Expo Center in Harrisburg. (Photo / William R.Nichols / Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture )

State dog wardens and rescue workers on Thursday found 206 chihuahuas - many of them sick - along with the bodies of several dead dogs, in a house in Columbia County.

Dog wardens and state police executed a search warrant at the home of Albert and Thomas Ambrosia in Benton, after receiving multiple tips about a suspected hoarding situation, a state spokeswoman said.

Many of the dogs are suffering from skin, eye and dental issues, said Nicole Bucher, a spokeswoman for the Department of Agriculture. State police are determining whether to file animal cruelty charges, she said.

The dogs were being transported to the Farm Show complex in Harrisburg Thursday night where they will get medical treatment before being placed shelters.