PSPCA seeks owner of horse abandoned in Philly lot

NEW UPDATE - The Pennsylvania SPCA has identified the Luciana's owner and is charging her with cruelty. Claritza Lopez-Fuentes, 23, of N. America Street, is being charged for failing to provide veterinary care for the mare found in a trash-filled lot Sunday. The horse was surrendered to the PSPCA and is continuing to receive veterinary care. In the meantime, the PSPCA has received several serious adoptions offers from experienced horse people. Officials are reviewing those requests.

UPDATE: We have learned that the little horse is a mare. Her name is Luciana (that came from a neighbor) and that she is about nine years old. The report from the PSPCA this morning is that she is doing well. Her injuries are being treated and she is getting plenty of good food and vet care. "She is a very friendly horse and quickly has become a staff favorite," says spokeswoman Wendy Marano.

Humane officers are questioning neighbors in an effort to find out who abandoned the horse. The neighbors who report only that she was "a stray." Gotta love that. People watching an injured, underfed horse wandering their streets and they write it off as "a stray." Is that Dickensian or what?


Authorities want to know who abandoned this horse - like an old tire - in an trash strewn lot in Philadelphia.

The skinny horse with a bloody sore on its girth was reported to the Pennsylvania SPCA by a person Sunday in the Kensington section of Philadelphia.

George Bengal, director of humane law enforcement, said the white, Arabian-type horse, was in poor condition.

"The horse was underweight and appeared to be malnourished. It also had a large infected wound beneath its right elbow," said Bengal.

The horse is being stabled at the PSPCA headquarters where it is receiving veterinary care, Bengal said.

Officers are following some leads, but anyone with information in this case, should call the Pennsylvania SPCA at 215-426-6304 Ext. 270.

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