Philly Dawg

Philly Dawg bids farewell

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I launched this blog in January 2009, only a few months after Gov. Ed Rendell signed into law legislation creating the toughest law in the... Read more

Aramark to go 'cage-free' by 2020

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One of the nation's largest food service companies is going totally cage free. Philadelphia-based Aramark said late Thursday it will phase... Read more

Ringling Brothers to retire elephants

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Elephants soon will no longer star in "The Greatest Show on Earth." Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey circus, whose treatment of endagered... Read more

Animal enthusiasts to flock to Farm Show for pet, horse expos

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With record low temperatures and weekly wallops of snow and ice, animals and their people are going a bit stir crazy right now. Enough of... Read more

Lawsuit claims Purina dog food is tainted

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A lawsuit alleges Beneful brand dog food contains toxins responsible for causing severe illness in thousands of animals and in some cases... Read more

Overbreeding and abuse: the dark side of dog shows

Millions of viewers were riveted to their TVs Tuesday night as Ms. P, the beagle from BC (British Columbia) took home the coveted "Best in... Read more

Wildlife cams bring nature up close and personal

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Can a new family get a little peace around here? Apparently not, if you are a bird or almost any other species these days. Wildlife cams are... Read more

Frigid temps mean added suffering for outdoor dogs

When I woke up this morning the temperature on my IPhone read 3 degrees and the windows rattling in my old farmhouse told me the wind was likely... Read more